Dr. Victor Chéron

Wiss. Mitarbeiter/-in

Victor Chéron

Fakultät für Verfahrens- und Systemtechnik
Institut für Verfahrenstechnik
Lehrstuhl Mechanische Verfahrenstechnik

Victor Chéron obtained a master's degree in industrial engineering from Rouen Université in France.

He then earned a PhD in Computational Fluid Dynamics at the CORIA Laboratory in France, where he worked in the Turbulent, Atomisation, Sprays, and Chaos Department.

His research focused on the development of numerical method to transport droplets resulting from secondary breakup in sprays.

Victor Chéron is now a postdoctoral researcher in the Mechanical Process Engineering Chair. His research focuses on multi-phase flow numerical modelling, with contributions to the modeling of non-spherical particle flows employing in-house developed novel immersed-boundary approaches through Detailed Numerical Simulation.




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